What’s the story of the Nashville Post?

Bill Carey and David A. Fox conceived the Post in 1999 and began publishing online in early 2000 backed by local investors and focused on covering the region’s biggest business and political news stories. Nearly eight years later, the publication became part of SouthComm, a holding company that eventually grew to own dozens of local and trade titles. Nashville real estate entrepreneurs Bill Freeman and the late Jimmy Webb bought the Post and its sister publications Nashville Scene and Nfocus in May 2018 and later also acquired Home Page Media Group.
Throughout its life, the Post has steadily grown its regional audience. It finished 2020 with more than 6.7 million pageviews, an increase of nearly 10 percent from the year before and up 68 percent from 2017.

What’s the makeup of the Post’s audience?

More than 60 percent of our readers are owners, CEOs, presidents, principals and other organization leaders who are shaping the city’s business, political and civic landscapes. The industries most represented among our subscribers are finance, law, real estate and health care.

Do you have a print product?

We do! It’s a quarterly magazine series that takes a step back from the daily hustle and bustle of our emails to dive deeper into regional trends, shine a light on entrepreneurs and spotlight big ideas. You can browse our current and past issues under the magazine tab.

What do I get with a subscription?

You’ll receive twice-daily news emails on workdays as well as a sports-specific email on Monday and breaking alerts when we have them. We’ll also mail you our quarterly magazines — let us know if you’ll want them at the office or your house — and you’ll be first to be invited to our events.

How do I subscribe?

That’s easy! Click on register in the top right corner of this pageand register for an account before choosing the subscription time frame you’d like. A few more clicks from there and you’re all set. If you have any questions, you can of course email us at websupport@nashvillepost.com or call 615-844-9307.

What if I want to read a single story but don’t want to subscribe?

If you really just want access to that one story, you can buy a one-day pass to the Post for $10. You’ll need to follow the same subscription process outlined above.

I have questions about my account. What’s the best way to contact you?

You can make changes to your account by clicking on the dollar icon in the top right corner of this page or you can send your question right here

Do you have group subscription options?

We do! Your best bet is to call 615-844-9307 to get the details.

How do I get more information about advertising?

You can download our media kit right here and learn more about our digital, print and event advertising and sponsorship options here. And you can of course email Heather Cantrell Mullins, our publisher, at hmullins@fwpublishing.com.

How do I send the editorial team a tip or an idea?

The team’s email addresses are here. If you’re not sure who to reach out to directly, you can send a general note by clicking here and completing the form.