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Vanderbilt football coach Clark Lea confirmed a report by 247Sports on Tuesday morning that offensive coordinator David Raih was stripped of the offensive play calling duties, which were given to quarterbacks coach/passing game coordinator Joey Lynch.

The news seemed to have caught reporters off guard, but Lea spoke about the matter as if it was common knowledge. After all, the play calling switch was made during fall camp, according to Lea.

“Just made the decision kind of looking big picture that we were going to lean on Joey Lynch’s experience in that role as play caller,” Lea admitted. “It’s always been a collaborative effort in planning and the design of the plan, and certainly coach Raih’s fingerprints are all over that still, and they work together along with (running game coordinator) Norval (McKenzie) and the rest of the offensive staff.”

Lea stated the decision came down to Lynch’s previous experience with play calling. He called plays for both Colorado State, where he served as the team’s offensive coordinator in 2020, and Ball State, where he served in a variety of roles from 2009-2019.

Raih, who spent the last two years as the Arizona Cardinals receivers coach and the previous five years with the Green Bay Packers, has no prior experience as an offensive coordinator or play caller.

Lea insisted he’d rather Raih focus his attention on the Commodores receiver group that includes Cam Johnson, Amir Abdur-Rahman, Will Sheppard, Chris Pierce, Devin Boddie Jr. and Logan Kyle.

“[The decision was] really more of a lean to Joey’s experience in doing that,” Lea added. “I wanted David to be able to focus his attention on that receiver group that we think can be featured in our offense. We have a bunch of playmakers in there and needed to get the most out of them. So, that was the precipice for the move.”

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