McCall raises $54K in Q2

Holly McCall, the Franklin Democrat who will be challenging either Rep. Jeremy Durham or Sam Whitson for the District 65 House seat in November, has raised $54,651 in her first quarter of fundraising — a sizable amount given the district's overwhelmingly conservative base.

"Raising over $50,000 in just two months reinforces what I knew when I entered this race, which is that Williamson County voters and Tennesseans across the state are hungry for new and effective representation in the legislature," McCall said in a press release. "This strong start to fundraising gives our campaign the resources we need to be competitive."

McCall, notably, has held fundraisers both in and outside of Williamson County, including a large donor one in Nashville and one in Memphis that featured cocktails mocking Durham's office reassignment. Of the 213 donors, 110 gave $100 or less.

High-profile donors to the campaign include former Franklin Mayor Lillian Stewart ($200) and former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean ($500); state Rep. John Ray Clemmons ($250) and state Sens. Lee Harris ($150) and Sara Kyle ($150); Nashville Metro Council members Bob Mendes ($350) and John Cooper, and his wife Laura ($1,500 each, for both the primary and general, for a total of $6,000); attorneys Charles Bone ($1,000), James Yokley ($1,500), Bob Tuke ($250), Leigh Walton ($250), Aubrey Harwell ($250), David Garrison ($250) and Chase Cole ($250).

Others backing McCall include Planned Parenthood's Jeff Teague ($250), and local business leaders Wayne Smith of Community Health Systems ($1,000; CHS also donated $1,000), developer Bert Mathews ($250), former AT&T president Marty Dickens ($1,000), Christopher Hopkins of the developer-friendly Saint Consulting ($1,250) for which McCall has worked, Medalogix CEO Dan Hogan ($700) and Elizabeth Schatzlein, the wife of the former CEO of Saint Thomas Health ($1,500).

McCall also received $1,000 donations from the following political action committees: Women for Tennessee's Future PAC; House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh's FITZPAC; the Alabama-based construction industry DVA Holding Co PAC; Iron Workers Local Union 492 PAC; and Nashville Building and Construction PAC. The H.G. Hill Realty PAC donated $250.

Campaign treasurer Maurice Patton said he feels great about the second-quarter results.

"We’ve barely scratched the surface of our donor base," Patton said. "There are a lot of voting blocs in the district and in Middle Tennessee — such as women’s groups and business coalitions — that are eager to support our campaign."

After campaign expenses, McCall had $40,405 on hand as of June 30. She has four additional fundraisers scheduled before the Aug. 4 primary. As she faces no opponent, all of her funds are being spent with November in mind.

The Durham and Whitson campaigns are expected to file their finance disclosures shortly.

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