This month’s top listing went for a whopping $19 million — but it’s somehow still a heckuva deal considering the asking price was $23 million. And one could make the argument that the top seller isn’t even the most impressive home on this month’s list. There’s also a house built with bricks and doors that came from churches in Europe and castles in Scotland. Impressive.

Below are March’s top 10 home sales in Nashville and the surrounding counties, ranked by sale price.

1. 1710 Talbot Trail, Franklin

Buyer: John Bunge, Trustee, 1710 Talbot Trail Trust

Sale price: $19,000,000

Seller: T&T Properties

Seller’s agent: Richard French, French King Fine Properties

Buyer’s agent: Megan Jones Campbell, Parks

While the official paperwork lists T&T Properties as the seller of this month’s top sale, TMZ reported in September that this massive Franklin estate actually belongs to superstar and Lower Broadway bar owner Alan Jackson.

Jackson and his wife Denise initially asked $23 million for the 22,012-square-foot, Ron Farris-designed home. Obviously, the property is loaded with amenities: an outdoor kitchen, a pool and spa with pool house, a rooftop terrace, temperature-controlled garages for up to 15 cars and something called a “loggia,” which I was sad to learn is not Jackson’s own county fair-style log ride. Look, if I’m going to pay $19 million for a house, it should probably come with a log ride.

2. 4067 Carters Creek Pike, Franklin

Buyer: Patrick and Theresa Flanagan

Sale price: $4,800,000

Seller: Daniel and Laura Medina

Sellers’ and buyers’ agent: Erin Krueger, Compass Tennessee

This five-bedroom Franklin home comes with twice the amenities. The “owner’s suite” comes with two walk-in closets as well as a “luxury ensuite” that features two vanities finished quartz countertops. In the shower there are two showerheads. The laundry room has two washers and two dryers, the kitchen has two sinks, there are even two pools! Just kidding, there is only one pool. But the home sits on 42 acres next to a private pond and a pond is basically a pool unless you’re afraid of frogs.

3. 2301 Golf Club Lane

Buyer: Adam and Shira Boehler

Sale price: $4,600,000

Seller: 2301 Golf Club Lane Trust

Seller’s agent: Barbara Moutenot, Village

Buyers’ agent: Steve Fridrich, Fridrich & Clark Realty

The buyer of this 7,168-square-foot Green Hills home is Adam Boehler, famously former college roommates with Jared Kushner. Boehler served as CEO of the U.S. International Development Finance Corp. for the Trump administration and was also appointed to Kushner’s COVID-19 task force. Here in Nashville, Boehler has launched a new health care-focused investment firm called Rubicon Founders.

Coincidentally, “Big Kenny” Alphin of Big & Rich lives just down the street. Big & Rich, of course, performed at President Trump’s Inauguration Gala.

4. 3395 Bailey Road, Franklin

Buyer: Francolin Farm Trust

Sale price: $4,200,000

Seller: Michael and Lindsay Wells

Sellers’ agent: Travis Robeson and Lindsay Wells, Fridrich & Clark

Buyer’s agent: Tim Thompson, Tim Thompson Premier Realtors

Way back in 2010, Michael and Lindsay Wells appeared in the May installment of Headline Home when they purchased this Franklin estate for $4 million. You may remember their names from last month’s list, too, when they sold their neighboring 3377 Bailey Road property.

The buyer behind Francolin Farm Trust is unknown. According to Wikipedia, francolins are “terrestrial (though not flightless) birds that feed on insects, vegetable matter and seeds.”

5. 2550 Charlie Thomas Road, Cornersville

Buyer: Summit View Ranch LLC

Sale price: $4,200,000

Seller: Ironhorse Farms LLC

Seller’s agent: “Frank” Francis P. Davis, Blue Creek Real Estate

Buyer’s agent: Shannon Carter, EXP Realty

The fifth home on this month’s list is Cornersville’s Foxlea Farm, a 487-acre “private wildlife preserve.” The property is home to a modern 4,000-square-foot log home and three different barns — a “party barn” with a catering kitchen, a classic barn that was “built in the early 1900s by the Boatright family” and even a “cozy horse barn with a chandelier.”

6. 747 Plantation Blvd., Gallatin

Buyer: Travis and Jennifer King

Sale price: $3,150,000

Seller: Neill Jobe

Seller’s agent: Teresa Leigh, RE/MAX Choice Properties

Buyers’ agent: Lydia Armistead, Freeman Webb Co.

From this five-bedroom “Tuscan-style” lakefront home, it’s just a short boat ride down the Cumberland to the site of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash’s former Caudill Drive home. The Cashes’ home — which was built by Braxton Dixon — burned down in 2007, while owned by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees. In January 2020, the land was sold for $3.2 million to a local couple. Just a little real estate history for ya.

8. 2060 Hillsboro Road, Franklin

Buyer: Ronald and Linda Smith

Sale price: $2,983,995

Seller: Hidden Valley Homes LLC

Seller’s agent: Lisa Culp Taylor, Parks, and Eric Elmquist, Covalent Properties

Buyers’ agent: Unavailable

This 7,136-square-foot estate was owned by noted preservationist Bill DePriest until his death in 2017. It was originally built in 1977 but DePriest had to rebuild around 2008 after a fire. According to the real estate listing, some of the interior doors originally hung in castles in Scotland and the stones in the turret originally came from a church in England. The walnut cabinets in the kitchen were “skillfully hewn from a farm that Mr. DePriest owned in Spring Hill.” I don’t mean to get sentimental in a monthly real estate column but wow, I wish more homes came with these kinds of stories.

9. 6624 Leipers Creek Road, Columbia

Buyer: Unknown

Sale price: $2,819,983

Seller: Lannie Neal

> Seller’s agent: Cindy Garvey and Greg Musgraves, United Country Real Estate Leipers Fork

Buyer’s agent: Walker Hoye, McEwen Group

The seller of this listing appears to be interior decorator Lannie Neal. As expected, every photo of the two homes that sit on the 182 acres is brimming with paintings, sculptures, light fixtures and furniture that showcases Neal’s love of 16th-, 17th- and 18th-century art.

10. 4530 Beacon Drive

Buyer: Nathan and Tiffany Bard

Sale price: $2,705,000

Seller: KE Holdings LLC

Seller’s agent: Tim Kyne and Clark Scott, Keller Williams Realty

Buyers’ agent: Angela Peach, Compass

It only took 10 days on the market for this newly completed five-bedroom, five-and-a-half bath Green Hills home to get snatched up for $5,100 more than its asking price.

Buyers are Nathan and Tiffany Bard. Nathan is the chief growth officer of ATI Physical Therapy, Tiffany is the co-founder of Tiff.Marie Maternity.

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