(Photo courtesy of Hercy Miller)

Hip-hop mogul Master P has made a living by staying ahead of the game.

So, when he got wind of the Name, Image and Likeness legislation that was pending in court, he wasted no time setting up his son -- three-star Tennessee State basketball commit Hercy Miller -- for success.

Near the end of April, Master P stated he already had potential $2 million or more deal waiting for Hercy once college athletes could officially make money off their name, image and likeness.

That deal became official last week as Hercy signed a four-year, $2 million deal with Web Apps America to be a brand ambassador for the tech company.

“I’m going to a to be their brand ambassador doing marketing, media and commercials. It’s a blessing,” Miller told WKRN’s Kayla Anderson. “I am proud to represent a company focused on technology, which is our future. We have a suite of apps that we will be launching in the very near future targeting HBCU students and student athletes.”

Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller, told Hercy that the deal could make him the highest-paid HBCU athlete and the highest-paid athlete in college basketball. 

Working with a company that supports HBCUs such as Web Apps America was near the top of the priority list for both Master P and Hercy, who publicly stated he plans to save the money he’s set to make and play as if he didn’t make anything.

“The deal that he received is obviously a blessing,” TSU head coach Penny Collins told 102.5-FM on Wednesday. “But it couldn’t have happened to a better kid. He doesn’t need that; he comes from success and wealth already…If there was one kid that was 19 years old that could handle it, it would be Hercy Miller…When you’ve got one kid talking like that, that’s a leader. When you have a group of kids talking like that, that’s a culture.”

Miller stated back when he committed to TSU his goal was to change the narrative regarding HBCUs and to affect a program beyond simply playing basketball. 

One of the ways Miller plans to do that starts on July 21 when he and Master P will host the free “Books and Ball” camp at the Gentry Center on TSU’s campus, where they will give away backpacks filled with school supplies for kids in the community.

“The Miller family has done a great job raising their kids, and they all have values more than just ‘stuff,’” Collins added. “They don’t worry about stuff that you can’t take with you.”

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