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The Cheekwood Golf Club in Franklin announced sweeping renovations to the course on Wednesday through a partnership with Nicklaus Design.

Located on Spencer Creek Road just off Mack Hatcher Parkway, Cheekwood Golf Club is one of three public courses in Williamson County. As part of an aggressive expansion plan, Cheekwood will undergo major renovates to the nine-hole course and create a new immersive experience for all guests.

One of the premier golf course design firms, Nicklaus Design, which was founded by legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, has overseen more than 425 golf courses globally.

Spearheaded by co-owner/course architect Todd Jester, the renovations and expansion to Cheekwood will include:

  • Three-tier covered hitting stall driving range with soft, contained lighting combining state-of-the-art technology with a family friendly atmosphere
  • Uncovered hitting stations and practice areas that enable year-round golf instruction and recreation
  • The Golf Performance Center, where students of all ages will be taught by PGA professionals
  • A restaurant, golf house and club facilities, with space to host social, corporate and community gatherings
  • A public trailhead and greenways that will connect Cheekwood to Franklin’s park system

"There’s a need for recreation and family recreation,” Jester said in a release. “We understand the location there on Mack Hatcher is integral to the city … and to have a place where multiple generations can go and enjoy themselves is important."

By placing a strong emphasis on appealing to more of a family dynamic, the club is looking to attract even more youth golfers in an effort to grow the game and encourage greater participation in the sport.

“One of [Nicklaus’] philosophies is to grow the game of golf, you have to get the kids, the juniors and some of the underprivileged kids, involved in the game,” Nicklaus Design president Paul Stringer said. “We’re giving back to the juniors and to the kids and to the schools, a lifeline to a game that they can play a lifetime.” 

The City of Franklin owns the 54 acres where the proposed expansion will take place and is working on a long-term lease agreement with Cheekwood. Once completed, the expansion/renovation project is expected to generate a revenue of nearly $250,000 annually for the city.

The expansion is set to officially move forward once plans for the course are finalized with the city of Franklin at an Aug. 10 Board of Aldermen meeting.

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