My favorite way to generate good energy

Kriste Goad

What is an intensely creative empty nester, GenXer and small business owner to do when a global crisis alters the world as we know it? I say, roll with it.

I didn’t take up cycling until my 40s, but logging hundreds of miles a month on the open road has become my must-have moment of Zen, my trusted community and my go-to nonprofit fundraisers. JDRF’s annual Ride to Cure Diabetes gets my wheels turning and Can’d Aid’s bike giveaways to first-graders warm the cockles of my heart.

It turns out my approach to cycling is a lot like my approach to life. Sometimes I map a route. Sometimes I meander. Sometimes I ride with groups that do all the thinking for me and I just follow their lead. There are good days and bad days. Days when you feel strong, and days when you aren’t sure you can make it up the hill — but you do.

Over the past year, our need for connection, purpose and grounding has never been more acute. As I joyride around the miles of urban greenways and bike lanes that wind through our beautiful, ever-changing city, I find myself and my place. I become a better human.

The personal and professional challenges of a pandemic make me especially grateful for the camaraderie I have found in cycling. We absolutely go farther and faster together than we ever could alone. When you feel that power on the road, you can’t help but take that good energy back into your day-to-day life.

I run a company, inspire teams, have raised a child and make a mean Bolognese. I’m also a cyclist, and I believe that every link on my life’s chain is better for it.

Kriste Goad is the chief fire starter at fuoco, a health care marketing agency she founded in early 2017.

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