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The owners of Mercedes-Benz of Music City near Nashville International Airport seemingly is planning a Ferrari dealership on a site also near BNA.

JJA Properties TN LLC, the members of which include Texas-based businessman Joe Agresti, paid $3.75 million for property located at 2300 Knights of Columbus Blvd. in October 2020, according to a Davidson County Register of Deeds document.

Of note, Agresti and Alabama football coach Nick Saban (and wife Terry Saban) co-own both the property and business for Mercedes-Benz of Music City, which is located at 734 Envious Lane near the building home to Hotel Preston.

The 14.33-acre property on which the Ferrari dealership is seemingly planned (and previously owned by South Nashville K.C. Club Inc.) is sandwiched by the airport and Interstate 40, with the Mercedes dealership operating to the immediate west and across Briley Parkway.

Agresti could not be reached for comment. However, sources told the Post in 2020 he is considering for his Knights of Columbus Boulevard property a dealership that would offer high-end automobiles other than Mercedes models. A Metro stormwater grading permit notes “Ferrari Nashville” for the property.

Multiple Nashville-area auto dealerships offer Ferrari vehicles. However, the city located within the closest geographic proximity to Nashville and with a Ferrari-centric dealership is Atlanta. Columbus, Ohio, and Greensboro, North Carolina, also apparently offer dealerships focused on the Italian luxury sports cars.

Agresti is owner and CEO of the Dream Motor Group. The company also owns Mercedes dealerships near Houston and in Baton Rouge. JJA apparently is structured such that Agresti has a 50 percent stake (as do, seemingly, the Sabans) in Mercedes-Benz of Birmingham and Infiniti of Birmingham. A similar ownership percentage arrangement was used to create Mercedes-Benz of Music City (read more here).

I began my journalism career in Nashville in 1990, with my current position with Nashville Post having evolved since October 2000 (when I was with the now-defunct The City Paper, a sister publication of the Post starting in 2008).

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