Ohio investor buys Trilliant majority stake

Nashville-based health care analytics company Trilliant Health has landed its sixth major investor, with plans for growth and further development of the company’s predictive analytics platform.

Cincinnati-based Bon Secours Mercy Health has joined Primus Capital, Providence Ventures, Martin Ventures, Noro-Moseley Partners and Nashville Capital Network as a strategic growth investor in the company, which uses data to guide strategy for health care providers on how to increase market share. 

The dollar value of the investment in Trilliant was not disclosed in a press release. As part of the transaction, Bon Secours’ Chief Analytics Officer Deepesh Chandra will sit on the company’s board of directors as an observer. 

“At a time of unprecedented disruption across the U.S. health care system, Trilliant Health provides health systems with critical insight into national and local trends shaping the health care economy,” Brian Smith, president and COO of Bon Secours Mercy, said in the release.

“Health care providers increasingly need advanced analytics powering every business decision,” he continued. “Trilliant Health is a leader in this space, and we view this investment as an important step in how we will use data to serve our Mission, patients and communities.”

After merging Aegis and Clariture in 2019, Trilliant leadership sold a majority stake of the company to Cleveland-based Primus later that year. Since then, Trilliant has hired Johns Hopkins professor Sanjula Jain to lead the company’s long-term strategy and research as the industry undergoes a dramatic transformation.

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