Rachel Soper Sanders

Rachel Soper Sanders

A new Nashville-based personalized nutrition company has raised $3 million in seed financing to build out technology that will provide digital health tracking tools to encourage vitamin and mineral intake among other lifestyle management tools. 

The funding to launch Rootine was in part led by LaunchTN Impact Fund, with participation from Novogenia, DSM Venturing, Duro VC, Cleo Capital and 20 other angel investors, according to a press release. 

Rootine offers at-home testing and health data analytics with action insights personalized to each member. The technology, using artificial intelligence, will help the company build out its precision nutrition brand by considering dietary habits, lifestyle, DNA and blood test results and physical activity to determine nutrition recommendations. 

The company was co-founded in 2018 by Daniel Wallerstorfer, a biotechnician and nutrition expert in Austria, and former NaviHealth strategist Rachel Soper Sanders, who is serving as CEO. She also founded practice management firm Patch Health in 2017 and previously served as an associate for Raymond James Financial in their health care investment banking sector. 

"The future of health is data-driven and personalized," Soper Sanders said in the release. "We are entering a new era of human performance. An era in which we can achieve optimal health with products designed to enhance fitness, mental acuity, sleep, nutrition, and metabolic health through prescriptive solutions. Finally, there is a health stack for the empowered consumer and Rootine is an essential contributor."

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