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After Humphrey County, and more specifically Waverly Central High School, suffered massive damage stemming from recent flooding, the Tennessee Titans decided to step in and help the athletics department of the school get back on its feet.

Speaking to reporters at Wednesday’s Kickoff Luncheon, Titans President and CEO Burke Nihill stated the organization would be making a sizable financial donation to the school to help replace some of the equipment lost over the weekend.

An official release is expected from the Titans sometime Thursday.

“We’ve been working really hard over the last three days to figure out how we can have the most impact,” Nihill said. “One of the things we plan to do is have a large financial contribution, probably $50,000. We also plan to support the community in more tangible ways as well.

“We’ve been connecting with their high school coach. As you’ve probably read, their facilities were devastated. Their equipment is damaged, so we’re working with our partners, with vendors, to try to see gaps we can fill in, in terms of the equipment. We’re looking to see if we can potentially get them some washers and dryers for their equipment room.

In addition to funding the replacement of equipment, Nihill also offered Nissan Stadium to the Tigers as a potential venue for a few of their home football games since their field was ravaged by the flooding.

“We’re thinking of even bigger things,” Nihill added. “We’re planning to offer them the opportunity to play a home game at Nissan Stadium, seeing as they’re not going to be able to play home games at their own stadium this year.”

A Venmo account has also been set up by the Waverly football team to provide additional financial help. Donations can be made on the app to @tigerfootball.

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