Former Belmont women’s basketball coach Cam Newbauer is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The 43-year-old resigned as the women’s head coach at Florida in July, citing personal reasons, but it was recently revealed he left the Gators program due to reports of player abuse, according to a report from the school’s student newspaper, The Independent Florida Alligator.

Newbauer was alleged to have created a toxic environment in the program by screaming at players and assistant coaches, throwing basketballs at players and using racially insensitive remarks toward black student-athletes.

Some players maintain that their mental health was so strained that they had to turn to therapy and even take weeks off during the season because of Newbauer’s abuse.

“He would make them cry,” former UF player Cydnee Kinslow told the Alligator. “Push until they cried, whatever it was, like, he tried. There’s a breaking point for people and pushing them through a wall to make them stronger. And then there’s what Cameron Newbauer did.”

It’s not the first time Newbauer has been tied to such allegations. During his time at Belmont, players reported Newbauer engaging in similar behavior. The university said no formal complaints were raised against him during his tenure, but the university did investigate player concerns.

“No formal complaints were filed against Cam Newbauer during his tenure as head coach of Belmont’s women’s basketball (2013-2017),” Belmont officials said in a statement to WKRN. “There were informal concerns raised by players and employees regarding what was reported at times to be a challenging and demanding coaching style. Internal conversations were held with the coach, and administrators offered feedback and mentoring to improve his communication approach. 

“Further disciplinary action was not deemed necessary based on the reports at that time. It is painful to consider that student-athletes or staff at Belmont may have struggled as a result of his leadership style as our aim is for each individual to feel valued, loved and respected.”

Newbauer had the worst winning percentage (.393) of any other head coach in her or his first four seasons at Florida, leading the Gators to a 46-71 record. The school failed to make the NCAA Tournament once during his tenure.

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