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State Rep. Glen Casada R-Franklin represents Tennessee's 63rd District in the state House of Representatives.

Tennessee Rep. Glen Casada and 72 other state House Republicans have called for a special session in response to President Joe Biden's newly-announced vaccine mandate, which will require companies with 100 employees or more to either mandate vaccines or test employees for COVID-19 on a weekly basis.

Biden's vaccine mandate

Announced on Thursday, Biden's new plan to combat the increasing number of COVID-19 cases includes vaccine mandates for all federal workers and contractors, around 17 million health care workers, around 300,000 employees of federal education programs and the employees of companies with 100 workers or more.

The vaccine mandate for companies with 100-plus workers is estimated to affect as many as 100 million Americans, and has drawn sharp criticism from Republicans, including Williamson County's state House representatives.

"Government should not mandate my personal health choices"

Casada, who represents Williamson County as part of Tennessee District 63, said that he and other state House Republicans had called for a special session to weigh their options in challenging Biden's new COVID-19 plan.

"I disagree with the president on this," Casada told the Home Page. "Government should not mandatory personal health choices; I am vaccinated myself but it's because I chose to do so, not because I was ordered to."

State House Rep. Sam Whitson, who represents Williamson County as part of Tennessee District 65, told the Home Page he was curious as to how Biden's new plan might be challenged in the coming months.

"I'm sure there's corporations, unions, special interest groups and activist groups all ready lined up to take this to court," Whitson said. "It'll be interesting to see how that turns out."

The state House already has the required two-thirds votes to call the special session Casada said, and is now awaiting the state Senate to weigh in.

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