New CEO for Satchel Health

Telemedicine venture Satchel Health has recruited a former Surgical Development Partners, Symbion and OrthoLink executive to be its new CEO. Founder Ryan Macy has moved into the new role of chief product officer.

Lanson Hyde comes to downtown-based Satchel after more than 12 years at Surgical Development Partners, where he was COO of its hospital division and president of its ambulatory surgery center group.

“Lanson believes in the vision,” said Macy, who launched Satchel three years ago. “Together, we are going to deliver on our mission of improving the care delivery model in post-acute care. The team and I are excited to be working with him.”

Before his time at Surgical Development Partners, Hyde was vice president of business development at surgery center owner Symbion and a regional director at both United Surgical Partners International and OrthoLink. Satchel Chairman Joe Ivey said he was recruited after a five-month search.

"He is a seasoned leader who brings a needed operational perspective to our organization,” said Chairman Joe Ivey. "Lanson’s expertise is a powerful addition to the skill sets we possess and I look forward to working with him.”

Satchel’s platform includes live-streaming two-way video and digitally connected biometric devices that provide real-time data and actionable insights on the patient’s condition. The company last fall raised more than $1 million from a group of angel investors led by locally based NueCura.

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