You Should Know: Sashank Purighalla

Sashank Purighalla

Sashank Purighalla launched BOS Framework in Nashville last year after scouting a number of peer cities as potential bases. With $2 million in funding from, among others, former Emma CEO Clint Smith, Andrew Goldner at GrowthX, Wes Warrington of Resolve Diagnostics and Robert Grajewski of The Wond’ry, the venture is off to a quick start. It markets standardized blocks of software — scheduling, user management and search tools, for instance — to entrepreneurs looking to build starter versions of their products that will let them go to market much more quickly than they could before.

Here’s what Purighalla told Clark Buckner of Relationary Marketing — with a few thoughts added later — shortly after receiving the tech startup of the year and innovator of the year honors at the NTC Awards in late January.

BOS is a revolutionary software framework that helps build practically any web or mobile application 70-percent faster and helps reduce costs for the life of the product. It’s a new framework that’s not just accelerating software development. It leapfrogs a large portion of what was otherwise considered mandatory development.

We’ve identified the 70 percent of the common-sense functionality that belongs in every single software and that people do over and over but never do right the first time. We’re making sure that they have access to it in a manner where they can use it with any technology and any application.

One thing I’ve seen is, whether I was working at a startup as a software developer or as a CTO in a very large corporation or anything in between, the problems we were trying to solve over two decades were really not different.

I’ve found that software itself is not engineering – I feel that the term ‘software engineering’ is an oxymoron. Software lacks the discipline that traditional engineering offers. For instance, the same programmer that develops the same thing two times does it differently. For companies that build software at scale, this makes software development incredibly inefficient and expensive. This is a huge problem and BOS Framework fixes it.

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