Fitness chain taps Brentwood for first state center

Chino, California-based fitness chain The Camp Transformation Center has announced its first Tennessee facility will be located in Brentwood.

David Diaz will serve as franchisee for the center, which will be located at 1722 General George Patton Dr. and open in December, according to a release.

Diaz (pictured) also will be the franchise owner of two other future area The Camp(s), with those locations not disclosed in the release.

The Camp program consists of group training with interval workouts, nutrition and supplement plans, and trainers. It is recognized for its six-week “challenges” regarding weight loss.

Membership costs vary due to location, with Diaz not having finalized his fees. On average, members pay a roughly $497 deposit (refundable if members meet the challenge), must lose 20 pounds or more (or at least 5 percent body fat) by the end of the six-week challenge, are required to do frequent check-ins on Facebook, work out roughly 30 or more times during the 42-day span and are encouraged to change their Facebook profile pictures to The Camp logo for the duration of the challenge.

Challenges are scheduled seven times per year.

Alejandra Font and Luis Font (wife and husband) and Dr. Sam Bakhtiar co-founded The Camp Transformation Center in 2010. The company now operates more than 110 locations in 13 states and in Mexico.

“It is incredibly rewarding to know that we have helped transform so many lives, and we’re happy David is bringing the program to Brentwood,” Alejandra Font said in the release. “He is the perfect fit to inspire [members] to make the [health improvements] they’ve been wanting.”

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