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The backers of a breakfast restaurant are planning a late-summer opening in Edgehill Village, with veteran chefs Parkes Brittain and Luke Williams to oversee the business.

To be called Egghill, the business will share an address with Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint, a regional chain backed by local private equity firm and holding company Blackbird Capital. According to a release, Blackbird Capital is the investor in Egghill, which will have an address of 1201 Villa Place and will take about half the space once home to Edgehill Café. The space is adjacent to Jack Brown’s, which opened in late 2019.

Egghill is being billed as specializing in craft breakfast sandwiches with locally sourced ingredients. The business will target Music Row officials, Edgehill residents and Vanderbilt and Belmont universities faculty, staff and students seeking a “quick, high-quality breakfast option,” the release notes.  

Brittain has worked the past five years as both the butcher and the executive sous chef at The 404 Kitchen and, according to the release, is well established in the local food and beverage industry. Williams, currently at Tailor Nashville in Germantown, once served as executive sous chef and chef de cuisine at The 404 Kitchen, teaming with Brittain.

“Our team has a background in fine dining, and we will bring that level of quality to the breakfast experience at Egghill,” Brittain said in the release. “It is counter service to meet the needs of a very busy music business and university customer base, but it will also use locally sourced ingredients and offer what we believe will be very high-quality fare.

“The bar is high in Nashville now in terms of what people expect from local restaurants,” Brittain added. “Just getting coffee carries a level of expectation as the city continues to grow and diners are exposed to more and more world-class menus and dining experiences. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We are going to live up to that.”

A permit, valued at $112,000 has been issued to allow for the build-out of the space, with Franklin-based MTLC Building Group handling the job. The cost to get operational is not being disclosed, and the release does not note expected hours of operation.

Blackbird Capital Principal Chenault Sanders said he has “great confidence” in the Egghill location and in the future restaurant as a “scalable concept.”

“Quick, quality breakfast options are few and far between, and diners in growing markets like Nashville expect great food,” Sanders said. “We believe [Egghill] is a terrific fit.”

Blackbird Capital owns or controls portfolio assets (real estate and restaurant businesses) located in states from the Gulf Coast to Northern Virginia. The company garnered local headlines in January when  it announced it had finished assembling four Midtown parcels at the West End Avenue and Broadway split, creating a suitable site for future redevelopment (read more here).

Charlotte-based Asana Partners is the majority owner of Edgehill Village.

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