Belmont tops in bar passage

Law school beats out other Tennessee colleges in July testing

Belmont University’s law school has crossed another threshold in its short history as it led all Tennessee law schoolsin bar passage in the results from the July exam released Friday.

More than 94 percent of Belmont’s 73 test-takers this summer passed the bar, surpassing the more than 93 percent of Vanderbilt’s 45 test-takers who passed.

In 2018, Belmont celebrated that its rate of first-time test-takers who passed had topped all Tennessee schools, but Vanderbilt’s overall rate was higher. Among first-time test-takers, Belmont's rate surpassed 97 percent, again ahead of Vanderbilt and other Tennessee schools.

Belmont’s first law students graduated in 2014, while Vanderbilt has had a law school since the 19th century.

The Nashville School of Law also improved its passage rate, coming in just north of 50 percent. Among first-time test-takers, the school's rate was 68.5 percent.

Tennessee law schools pass rates for the July 2019 bar:

  • Belmont University: 69/73
  • Duncan School of Law: 41/57
  • Nashville School of Law: 42/83
  • University of Memphis: 65/93
  • University of Tennessee: 86/106
  • Vanderbilt University: 42/45

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