Nashville-based medical group Envision Healthcare has filed a lawsuit against UnitedHealthcare Services. 

In a press release, Envision Healthcare CEO Jim Rechtin said UnitedHealthcare pushed Envision clinicians out of network in January 2021 and denied claims for emergency room care and high acuity care. Envision alleges UnitedHealthcare denied approximately 18 percent of claims before January 2021, and got up to 48 percent of all submitted claims denied by November 2021. 

“United’s scheme to deny patient claims violates federal law,” Rechtin said. “Improperly withholding payment from the very frontline clinicians who treated their members in their most acute time of need is, in my opinion, cold, callous and inhumane.”

UnitedHealthcare is embroiled in a lawsuit with another Nashville entity, Change Healthcare, which the health care giant sought to acquire. The Department of Justice blocked the exchange and the pair underwent trial in August. 

UnitedHealthcare could not immediately be reached for comment.