A new Nashville-based health tech company has launched a Medicare enrollment and benefits management platform.

Healthpilot is billing the technology as the first-of-its-kind, offering Medicare beneficiaries an intuitive online marketplace to shop for and compare health plans.

Using artificial intelligence and swaths of patient encounter data, Healthpilot is able to provide personalized recommendations to customers for which health plans would be best suited for their needs. According to CEO Dave Francis, people will be able to buy a Medicare plan in under 15 minutes. 

“We basically help them every year to optimize their insurance coverage without having to worry about every single year trying to figure this out again for themselves," he said. "We lift that burden off of them because of the strength of the data assets that we built into the platform. We make the whole Medicare insurance thing super simple for the customer.”

The company is tapping into a network of financial planners to market their platform for the enrollment period this year, with a goal of enrolling a few thousand plans. Once they are enrolled, Healthpilot helps patients navigate their benefits, sending reminders to beneficiaries to schedule primary care appointments, adhere to prescriptions and utilize services they are entitled to. 

Healthpilot is currently contracted with Aetna, Anthem, Centene, Humana and UnitedHealthCare to market their plans on the platform. If Healthpilot closes an enrollment, the insurers pay a commission. 

Francis says the company will be able to scale quickly, hoping to capture one million customers over the next few years. The Healthpilot team currently consists of 40 employees focused on technology, marketing and business development and will grow to 60 by the end of the year, per Francis. 

“[We have] the opportunity to bring this unique technology tool in a very easy-to-use and confidence-inspiring way for seniors,” Francis told the Post. “The time is now, and we are doing something no one has ever done before.”

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