McGavock House art

McGavock House

A brewery seemingly is planned for East Nashville’s historic McGavock House building.

Local investor Elliott Kyle told the Post Monday he and his investors (who are going unnamed) are not ready to disclose details regarding the project. However, a document submitted to the Metro Planning Department and requesting a rezoning for the Cleveland Park site references “a brewery and outdoor seating.”

Kyle said that the investors are under contract to acquire the 0.85-acre property, which has addresses of both 908 Meridian St. and 206 Vaughn St.

“We are exploring some exciting and interesting ideas in what we think will be an appropriate approach in keeping with the evolution of Cleveland Park and McFerrin Park,” he said. “As always, we are elated to get our hands on such a special property, and we will take a preservationist lean with the project.”

Kyle and the investors have enlisted Nashville-based Fulmer Lucas for land planning and civil engineering efforts. The team will go before the Metro Planning Commission June 24 to seek a specific plan rezoning.

Constructed in the 1840s and also known as Blue Fountain (and as the McGavock-Gatewood-Webb House), the McGavock House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007. The former residence was once owned by members of Nashville’s influential McGavock family. Randal McGavock served as Nashville mayor from 1824 to 1825.

Via a partnership, local real estate investors and developers John Rochford and Ed Cooper own the property. Rochford is the founder of Rochford Realty and Construction, which operates its office in Green Hills.

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