Pinnacle garage floods, alleviates downtown problems

Underground parking levels at new tower take on water

This weekend's water main breaks caused plenty of downtown problems, but it could have been worse were it not for the city's newest skyscraper.

A rush of water streamed through downtown streets after century-old mains failed early Saturday morning, leading to interrupted water service, street closures and traffic snarls.

The impromptu river also flooded parts of the subterranean parking decks at the Pinnacle at Symphony Place and led to the creation of various ice sculptures on its metal-wire fences.

"A lot of water got into our lower levels," said Kevin Hagan, the Pinnacle's property manager. "There were four or five inches of water. That's a lot of water."

Hagan said the water caused no major problems or interruptions in building operations, though it did require some extra early-weekend-morning manpower to pump dry the underground garage. The five underground levels of the 12-story parking garage remained closed Monday.

While a number of downtown buildings faced serious flooding problems – some buildings on Lower Broadway reported as much as three feet of water on their ground floors – the underground parking space at the Pinnacle may have staved off more serious downtown street flooding by providing the onrushing water a place to rest besides city streets.