Embraer facing sex suit

Former employee alleges pattern of lewd behavior at Nashville repair center

A Colorado man is charging an international aircraft manufacturer with sexual harassment after he said he endured more than six months of verbal abuse and groping by his supervisor and another employee at a Nashville repair facility.

In a complaint filed against Embraer Aircraft and a subcontractor, Structural Modification and Repair Technicians, a former male employee alleges he was frequently propositioned, harassed and touched by his supervisor, John Stier, and a co-worker, Alex Martinez, including at least one instance in which the co-worker simulated “self-stimulation via inanimate aeronautical machinery.”

Officials at Embraer could not be reached for comment Friday. NashvillePost.com does not identify alleged victims of sexual harassment.

Other allegations from the lawsuit include:

  • “On or about March 20, 2009, Stier removed his clothing while standing atop an aircraft and called out to employees on the floor to look up at him while he invited employees to provide him with anal sex.”

  • “On or about April 1, 2009, Mr. Stier called employees into the shop where Mr. Martinez was sleeping in order-to have them witness Mr. Stier remove his own clothing and place his body upon Mr. Martinez.”

  • “On or about April 10, 2009, Mr. Martinez removed his clothing in order to rub himself against a window where he could be seen by employees on their lunch break, including Plaintiff.”

  • “At said dates and times, Mr. Martinez would frequently proposition Plaintiff, for example, asking him for sexual favors of fellatio, sodomy, mutual masturbation; offering sexual favors of fellatio, anilingus, sodomy, mutual masturbation, coprophilia, digital masturbation; requests to have the Plaintiff watch him urinate, encouragement of homosexual group masturbation, simulation of self-stimulation via inanimate aeronautical machinery, grabbing of the Plaintiff's crotch, and sending lewd text messages and/or pornographic video messages to Plaintiff's phone.”

The alleged victim also claims to have been threatened with “physical harm” if he complained about the treatment. He claims he was fired after reporting to Stier other employees who were sleeping on the job.

The lawsuit, filed in Fifth Circuit Court, seeks $1.5 million in compensatory damages and another $500,000 in punitive damages. The plaintiff is represented by Donald Zuccarello.