English First files disclosure

Public release delayed pending Metro Legal review of harassment complaints

Nashville English First finally filed its financial disclosure on Monday, but the Metro Department of Law has blocked releasing it to the public pending review of allegations that those who gave money to the cause might be threatened.

The Davidson County Election Commission received the financial disclosure, Director Ray Barrett confirmed to NashvillePost.com, but won’t release the report yet.

Last week Jon Crisp, a Nashville English First supporter and former president of the Davidson County Republican Party, wrote a letter to the Election Commission asking for an extension on filing a financial disclosure. The letter stated there was fear that those who donated money to the cause could face harassment.

Barrett said Metro Legal wanted to review that allegation before it allowed for the release of the disclosure.

No extension was granted by the Election Commission, but because of the grace period granted under state law, Nashville English First did not amass a fine. A campaign filing a late disclosure is sent a certified letter and a $25 daily fine doesn’t kick in until five days after the Election Commission receives the return receipt. Barrett said it was his anticipation the financial disclosure would be released soon.

Nashville voters struck down the proposed English Only charter amendment last week by 57 percent to 43 percent.

Crafton told NashvillePost.com the Nashville English First committee raised about $60,000. Some of the money, Crafton has admitted, came from the national group Pro English, which has been tied to hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The English Only opposition group Nashville for All of Us filed its financial disclosure on time and raised about $300,000 en route to winning last week’s special election.