Dean, Bredesen vote against English Only

'It's bad for the city and I really hope people will see it for what it is and vote no on this'

Mayor Karl Dean and Gov. Phil Bredesen this morning voted against the English Only charter amendment proposal at the Howard School building, then explained again their opposition to local media.

Dean has worked hard to oppose English Only ever since the proposal was in the petition phase. In recent weeks, Dean has loaned out senior adviser Jim Hester to the Nashville For All of Us opposition group, filmed a television ad and sent e-mails to supporters.

Bredesen, himself a former mayor of Nashville whose time in office focused on bringing business to the city, said English Only would hurt commerce as it related to attracting relocating corporations.

“This thing is mean-spirited,” Bredesen said. “It’s going to hurt us in terms of business recruiting, it’s going to be used against us in terms of business recruiting. It does not help us with tourism… It’s bad for the city and I really hope people will see it for what it is and vote no on this.”

Dean thanked Bredesen for publicly voting no on both charter amendment proposals and encouraged Nashville voters to oppose them. Early voting will take place at Howard School building through Jan. 17. The referendum on both proposals – the second would make petition-driven charter amendment proposals easier to conduct – will take place Jan. 22.

“It means a lot to me as mayor that this governor would take time to do this publicly and to let people know how important this vote is,” Dean said. “The important thing people need to do is vote against both of these amendments.”

Dean told local media he anticipated a close vote on English Only.

“I would assume it’s going to be a close vote and I think the important thing is that everybody votes,” Dean said.