Headline homes: Nashville's top sales, June 2008

Historic mansion changes hands, skating legend in $2.7M sale, Corker snags BMB abode, and much more...

Once more this month, we find a host of interesting names among the buyers and sellers of Nashville's headline homes. We also find the first foreclosure to crack our elite list.

From an Olympic champion skater to the ex-wife of a billionaire money manager, from a Vandy head coach to a relocating Tractor Supply exec, from a young country star to a U.S. Senator, here they are — the 10 largest single-family home transactions recorded in Davidson and contiguous counties in June, ranked by dollar value:

1. 2419 Hidden River Lane, Franklin 37069

Buyer: Judith H. Gallagher, trustee
Sale price: $2.7 million
Sellers: Scott S. and Tracie Rose Robinson Hamilton
Agents: None of record

Olympic skating gold medalist and "Stars on Ice" creator Scott Hamilton has lived with his family in the gated Hidden River development off Old Hillsboro Road since 2005. They have now bought a nearby lot on Hidden River Lane from the trust that purchased their home.

Financing documents indicate that John J. Gallagher III and Judith Gallagher are on the mortgage for 2419 Hidden River. Efforts to identify which John Gallagher is involved have so far proved inconclusive. We'll update this item when we find out for sure. (Any help out there?)

Williamson County property records give a square footage just under 7,200 for the house, which sits on a 4.2-acre lot.

2. 367 Jones Parkway, Brentwood 37027

Buyers: Greg & Anita Sandfort
Sale price: $2 million
Builder/seller: Stewart Crest Homes LLC
Seller's agents: Susan Gregory & Lisa Culp Taylor (Bob Parks Realty)
Buyers' agent: Mark Merryman (Realty Executives)

Greg Sandfort took over as chief merchandising officer at Tractor Supply Co. last October, moving from the Dallas area, where he had been president and chief operating officer of Michaels Stores Inc.

This home, in the Annandale subdivision, went on the market at $2.25 million almost a year before its sale closed. It offers almost 8,900 square feet of living space, with five bedrooms, five full baths and three half baths, plus another 600 square feet of covered and screened porches.

3. 913 Franklin Road, Brentwood 37027

Buyer: Bunny C. Price 1999 Trust
Sale price: $1.85 million
Sellers: Will & Trudy Byrd
Sellers' agents: Rita S. Puryear (Fridrich & Clark) & Sarah Caldwell-Hedrick (Crye-Leike/Leiper's Fork)
Buyer's agents: Brandon Hannah (Brandon Hannah Properties) & Sarah Caldwell-Hedrick

Mountview, one of Williamson County's grandest historic homes, changes hands for only the sixth time since it was built in 1861.

The late Nashville business titan Pat Wilson grew up here, and construction magnate Ray Bell owned the place for many years. Entertainment producer Will Byrd and wife Trudy, who worked with Red Grooms to make the Tennessee Fox Trot Carousel happen, have lived in the mansion for a decade.

Bunny Price is the ex-wife of Michael F. Price, a Forbes-listed money manager and named benefactor of the University of Oklahoma's business school. Her mailing address is in Far Hills, N.J. Efforts to reach her and ask what brings her to our neighborhood have so far been unsuccessful.

4. 8956 Horton Highway, College Grove 37046

Buyers: Joshua O. & Jennifer Turner
Sale price: $1.75 million
Sellers: Gary & Margo Fant
Seller's agent: Clarence Johnson (ERA Johnson & Thompson Inc.)
Buyer's agent: Sharon Garner (Crye-Leike)

MCA Nashville recording artist Josh Turner ("Your Man" and "Would You Go With Me") and wife/piano player/backup singer Jennifer go country in a big way with this purchase of a 36.5-acre parcel south of College Grove. The four-bedroom, four-bath home checks in at 4,500 square feet.

Gary Fant was, until recently, senior VP and operations CFO at Attentus Healthcare. The hospital company has been quietly winding down its operations this year.

5. 3819 Whitland Ave., 37205

Buyers: Tim Corbin & Maggie Blatt
Sale price: $1.575 million
Builder/seller: The Baskin Co. LLC
Agents: None of record

Vanderbilt's highly successful head baseball coach and his wife take possession of their newly renovated and expanded 1928 home just in time for the big Whitland 4th of July festivities.

6. 704 Brass Lantern Place, Brentwood 37027

Buyers: Chris & Shanna Dubois
Sale price: $1.57 million
Builder/seller: Marquis Homes LLC
Sellers' agents: Molly Edmondson & Laurie Cheek Omohundro (Fridrich & Clark)
Buyer's agent: Molly Edmondson

Songwriter Chris DuBois is a partner, with country star Brad Paisley, in Sea Gayle Music. The independent music publishing company has had more than a dozen number-one songs on the charts. DuBois has also co-written a number of Paisley's hits.

This new house has more than 6,800 square feet of living space and no fewer than five fireplaces.

7. 504 Belle Meade Blvd., 37205

Buyer: Steve Fridrich, as trustee for Bob & Elizabeth Corker
Sale price: $1.495 million
Seller: David H. Seligman
Agents: None of record

Republican U.S. Senator Corker drops a bundle on a Nashville pied-à-terre, following a house hunt that attracted attention from our colleagues at The City Paper in late May. His permanent residence will remain in Chattanooga, where he served as mayor after building a prosperous real estate development business.

Seller Seligman is a local orthodontist.

8. 3905 Wallace Lane, 37215

Buyer: SunTrust Mortgage Inc.
Sale price: $1.49 million
Sellers: Larry A. Weissman, trustee in foreclosure against Mark A. Hall and Erin Elizabeth Hall
Agents: None

For the first time since we started this column in January, a foreclosure becomes a headline home.

Apparently, when the property went up for "sale at public outcry" on June 19, the bank did not get an offer that would cover the $1,489,000 it had loaned to the Halls, and so it bought the house. Its 2007 tax appraisal came in at $1.34 million.

Mark Hall, owner of Franklin-based Hi-Tech Homes LLC, filed for personal bankruptcy in February, after foreclosure proceedings had begun.

He and his wife did not live in the house. It is one of two spec houses built in 2005 and 2006 on lots carved out of a larger parcel at the corner of Wallace and Abbott Martin. Those who have been in the area recently will know 3905 as the place that had the knee-high grass until someone finally cut it last week.

9. 3724 Richland Ave., 37205

Buyers: Jed & Janet Kuhn
Sale price: $1.425 million
Sellers: John R. & Linda Burch
Seller's agent: Brandon Childs (Keller Williams)
Buyer's agent: Vivian Brandon (Pilkerton)

John E. "Jed" Kuhn, M.D., and Janet L. Kuhn, Ph.D., have both been in the bone business. He is a recently appointed associate professor and chief of shoulder surgery with Vanderbilt Sports Medicine. She has a background in orthopedic research.

Jed Kuhn served as a team physician for the University of Michigan Athletic Department while completing two fellowships at Michigan. He has also gone on the road as a doc for the USA Hockey Team. He will now help tend to Vandy athletes' breaks and bruises as a team physician.

10. 139 2nd Ave. S., Franklin 37064

Buyer: Bill Mitchell
Sale price: $1.4 million
Seller: High Mark Construction Group Inc.
Agents: None

The Brownstones of downtown Franklin gain another resident. This four-story townhome comes in at almost 3,800 square feet.

Buyer Mitchell is president and CEO of Mantis Cranes by SpanDeck Inc., based in Franklin. His company sells telescopic boom crawler cranes, some of them custom-built, to a global client base. Its products are in service as far afield as the South Pole.

Know of a big home sale in June that we missed? Got info on people involved with any of these deals? Send a note via the byline link above, and we'll update this story.

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