Post Politics: 4 April 2008 - Afternoon Edition

Former State Senate candidate gets shipped to Iraq, Rep. Cohen suggests a magazine subscription for his opponent, the U.S. Senate candidates to attend Mule Day, and more...
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Army Reservist, former state Senate candidate and blogger of some repute, Bob Krumm, has been called up to active duty in Iraq. Krumm will serve a six month tour as an analyst while taking a leave of absence from his employer, D.F. Chase, Inc.

Brendan Loy comments on Hillary Clinton's assertion that their is no such thing as a "pledged" delegate to the Democratic convention.

Williamson County Sheriff Ricky Headley shares some insight into how he became addicted to prescription drugs.

Sean Braisted tells Hillary Clinton that the last thing we need in government is another "Czar."

One member of the gun rights community is none too pleased with the Tennessee Republican Party's public request for a list of the state's handgun carry permit holders.

Jeff Woods keeps a running tally on matters of state our governor isn't all that motivate to engage.

Liberal activist Jim Grinstead sums up the persona of John McCain as "right-wing with moderate warps and maverick feints."

Robert Kennedy announces the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968 on a campaign stop in Indiana.

Southern Beale notes the difference between John McCain's impressions of Martin Luther King Jr. yesterday and today.

Steve Cohen suggests that his independent opponent, Ford family political scion Jake Ford, grab up a subscription to National Geographic.

And if you'd like to include a little politics in your weekend plans, Democratic U.S. Senate candidates Bob Tuke and Mike Padgett will both be participating in Mule Day celebrations Saturday in Columbia.

Republican incumbent Lamar Alexander with be there, too – appearing with Democratic Congressman Lincoln Davis, according to an Alexander press release. They will be discussing federal funds they procured for the historic James K. Polk home.