Tangredi restaurant closed down

Property owner says former Trace site not insured

The owner of the home of one of Michael Tangredi's recently opened restaurants has terminated its lease on the prime Hillsboro Village site, saying the restaurateur did not have proper insurance.

Attorney Adam Dread, who represents the Hayes family, said he took the keys to T's Tuscan Bar and Grill Thursday afternoon and that the building's locks already have been changed.

"This was no surprise," Dread said. "They've had several warnings about this, as well as a deadline."

Reached by NashvillePost.com, Tangredi disputed Dread's assertion, saying the former home of the Trace has been closed due to a gas leak that he said won't be addressed until "till sometime tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon."

"He's misinformed," Tangredi said of Dread before hanging up.

Later on Thursday, Dread told NashvillePost.com that several members of the Tangredi family returned to the property with police officers and the intention of entering the building. Dread said he informed them that they would be allowed in Friday to gather their belongings.

T's Tuscan Bar and Grill opened this summer, moving in after the Trace closed its doors early this year. Tangredi signed a 10-year lease on the site.

Since then, Tangredi has been sued both by American Express and the U.S. Department of Labor. The credit card company is accusing the Tangredis of defrauding it to the tune of $1.1 million while the government has sued to force the family to produce various employment records.