Clement drops big money into television

With ex-Congressman making his move, Dean mayoral campaign increases its buy; Neighbors vice mayoral campaign to air spots as well

Nashville's mayoral election takes place one month from today, with early voting starting next week, and it looks like the sprint to the finish has begun as candidates are upping their ante with major purchases of television advertising time.

In a long-expected move, the Bob Clement for Mayor campaign is about to saturate the market with television ads as he attempts to blow away the field. As of today, the Clement campaign has bought time on Nashville television stations to run one-minute, two-minute, and thirty-second ads starting July 5th.

The Clement camp has purchased $20,250 worth of time to air ads over the course of one week from's news partner, WKRN News 2. The size of that purchase indicates that the campaign has likely spent in excess of $80,000 for one week of television time on various local broadcast stations. That number could go north, depending on purchases made on cable television.

"We made our first television buy this morning," said Ben Hall, spokesperson for the Clement campaign. "We are very excited that we are about to go up on the air and take the campaign to a new level."

Not to be outdone, the Karl Dean campaign has increased its advertising buy and is about to begin airing its fifth television spot. Dean campaign manager Jim Hester told that his campaign is spending $60,000 in the market per week and will be aggressive in increasing its buy.

"Our polling shows that Karl Dean is moving up and Clement's support is eroding," Hester said. "Clearly their polls show the same thing, and that is why they feel the need to go up early."

Mayoral candidates David Briley, Buck Dozier, and Howard Gentry have not scheduled television buys at the time of publication of this article.

In the vice mayoral race, Diane Neighbors has purchased $13,000 worth of ads that will air over the course of the next month.

Metro elections will be held August 2nd.