Morning Links: 5 June 2006

HCA Fla. hospital in serious trouble over care violations, Corker's contractor past haunts him on immigration issue, and City Paper hires Del Favero as publisher

HCA facility in South Florida faces threat of Medicare cutoff following care violations that caused state to ban non-emergency admissions for six days

Foes trot out Corker's oblique connection to 1988 illegal immigrant employment case

Nashville City Paper hires former Scene honcho Albie Del Favero as publisher

"Enclave" blog notes that Nashville's "Music City" moniker is curiously absent from list of best-known city handles as determined by poll of marketers -- while "The Protestant Vatican" makes the top 20

NYT looks at eBay's legislative clout in states, including Tennessee, where it has secured exemption for online partners such as Nashville-based Snappy Auctions from auctioneer-licensing laws

Washington Times spotlights national GOP's anxiety over nasty tone of Senate primary in Tennessee

Nashville-based Renal Care Group, now a subsidiary of Germany's Fresenius, receives federal subpoena in stock-options dating probe; according to WSJ (subscription required), the probability that its perfectly timed options were dated at random comes out to "one in 100 million"