Conservative pub criticizes Fisk's appointment of O'Leary

A commentary piece published Thursday by Joseph Farah, founder, editor and chief executive officer of the right wing publication, WorldNetDaily, bashes new Fisk University president Hazel O’Leary, a former member of the Clinton administration.

In the article, Farah predicts that Fisk “is going to be sorry it ever chose her to lead the institution. I don't know if her tenure there will result in scandalous headlines. But I do know there will be directors who rue the day they ever voted to give her the appointment.”

Using O’Leary’s recent experience of being escorted off a commercial airliner during a delay as his context, Farah describes O’Leary as an “ego-tripping power abuser. This woman is reckless, dangerous, self-absorbed, out of control.”

Farah concludes that Fisk University “doesn't know what it is getting itself into.”

Farah also relates a personal experience he had with O'Leary in 1995. According to Farah, O’Leary “personally applied the most heavy-handed political pressure imaginable to a donor to my non-profit investigative reporting center. She told the contributor, someone whose company relied on federal contracts for millions in revenue every year, that if he gave any more money to the Western Journalism Center those contracts would be in jeopardy.” contacted O’Leary’s staff on Thursday but was unable to reach her prior to the publication of this article.

Farah is also a nationally syndicated talk show host and founder of WND Books, a joint venture between independent news site WorldNetDaily and Nashville-based Thomas Nelson Publisher. The partnership was formed in 2002 and quickly produced a best seller by outspoken conservative talk radio show host Michael Savage.

The full article is available by clicking here.