Democrats' call for Beaman boycott withdrawn

Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Randy Button has apologized for a press release he says was posted on the group’s Web site by mistake that called for a boycott of businesses owned by prominent GOP contributor and Nashville businessman Lee Beaman.

The release stated that Beaman had given a quarter of a million dollars to the political group “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.” It called on Democrats to boycott Beaman Automotive and not to purchase Pepsi products bottled at Beaman Bottling. In fact, Beaman had given $2,500 to that group.

According to a press release now posted on the Democratic Party’s Web site, “Last week, inadvertently, a press release calling for a boycott of Beaman Automotive and Beaman Bottling appeared on this Web site. The release was never sent to any mailing list and was not intended to be placed on our Web site, but was done so by mistake. The release claimed that Lee Beaman had given $250,000 to the group “Swift Boat Vets for Truth.” The information the release was based on turned out to be incorrect, and the release was never sent. Lee Beaman gave only $2,500 to the group. The Tennessee Democratic Party is not calling for a boycott of Beaman Automotive or Beaman Bottling.We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this mistake may have caused.